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Rogue Gumberoo IPA 6 pack 12 oz. Can
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Rogue Gumberoo IPA

6 pack 12 oz. Can

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Category India Pale Ale
Origin United States, Oregon
Brand Rogue
Alcohol/vol 6.8%
Ever hear the story of the Gumberoo? As the story goes, three loggers were camped in the woods drinking beers and entertaining the idea of illegally harvesting old growth sequoias for extra cash when the ground suddenly shook with a heavy footstep. Bigger than a bear with wild eyes and jagged teeth, the Gumberoo rose from behind a stump with a mighty roar. As the loggers scrambled to escape, beer spilled onto the fire causing smoke to fill the air. Some say the forest only wanted to send them a warning that night as this stroke of smokey fortune helped hold off the Gumberoo while the loggers got away. So remember to respect our forests, put out your fires and always bring cold beer camping. Tasting Notes: Tropical, Citrus, Malt, Bitter, Pine

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