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Duvel 6.66 4 pack 330ml
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Duvel 6.66

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4 pack 330ml

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Category Blonde Ale
Origin Belgium
Brand Duvel
Alcohol/vol 6.66%
Full-bodied blonde with a beautiful, natural haziness. Well balanced with fruity, soft finish. Lively, citrus aromas thanks to the use of orange zest and dry-hopping. Typical Duvel punch with a refreshing flavor - the result of 6 refined hop varietes.
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  • ba90

The Duvel Moortgat family brewery is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, with a new variant of Duvel, a new mild, full-bodied blond Duvel with the alcohol percentage of 6.66%. This Duvel is mild, expressive and deliciously drinkable. No fewer than 6 different hop varieties are used for Duvel 6.66%: just like the classic Duvel, it's based on the noble and exclusive hop varieties Saaz and Styrian Golding. The flavour is then balanced by adding four expertly selected hop varieties to the mix, which also involves the dry-hopping method.

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