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Calumet Farm CALUMET 16 16 year old
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Calumet Farm CALUMET 16 16 year old


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Category Bourbon
Origin United States, Kentucky
Brand Calumet Farm
Alcohol/vol 53%
Proof 106.00
Deep mahogany with dark red shadows and golden highlights. Upon Uncorking: Beginning notes of woody-char and smoke subside to reveal softer scents of toasted almonds and fresh-cut summer hay. After Breathing: As the spirit opens up, lighter notes of citrus and orange mix with darker floral and cherry scents to complete the experience. Notes of saturated-oak and warm rye spice open the palate, allowing flavors of cherries, dark fruits, and baking spice to present fully - Fresh baked bread, toasted toffee, and a light corn meal dryness round out the rich flavors. Imparting a lighter than expected finish, this spirit's bold flavors give way to a subtle warmth, notes of toasted grains, and a smokiness that proceed the mellowing of wood sugars and oak.

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