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Monteru No. 1 Eau de Vie Riesling 750ml
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Monteru No. 1 Eau de Vie Riesling


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Category Eau-de-vie
Origin France
Brand Monteru
Grassy aromas reminding of bison grass vodka, followed by candied pears and lemon. Palate is initially soft and then more complex with a balance of light vegetal and spicy flavors. On Ice: Soft and round vanilla tastes, light texture and candied fruit finish. This eau-de-vie combines qualities only found in the most exclusive spirits in the world as well as characteristics only original to this brand. In effect, MONTERU cannot be compared to any other brown spirits as it stands alone as the only premium and original single varietal eau-de-vie made using the world's favorite French grapes with double distillation in antique pot stills. Further, it benefits from being aged in Limousin oak barrels that have already been used to mature old cognacs.

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