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Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé 2010 750ml
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Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé 2010


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This cuvée is a benchmark for the rosé champagne category thanks to its subtle and gourmand notes. Its dazzling hue, astounding elegance, and tremendous intensity will add genuine joy to your most joyous occasions. Color is bright and sparkly, with a wonderful pastel pink undertone to the overall appearance. A charming effervescence lavished upon an attractive visual ensemble. Outstandingly silky and creamy on the tongue, developing a highly refined idea with the personality of wild strawberries and a faint raspberry aftertaste. An exquisite balance of harmony and flavor achieved with pinpoint accuracy. Subtle and refined smells usher in a floral and reviving explosion of perfume, followed by a gourmand seduction of red berry flavors and citrus zest. The finest way to enjoy it is with a fillet of wild salmon or a carpaccio of langoustines, but it goes well with any celebratory meal. In terms of sweets, its acidic crunch and subtle sweetness would complement the flavors of red fruits.

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