Tres Agaves Bloody Mary Mix 1L - Kona Wine Market
Tres Agaves Bloody Mary Mix 1L
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Tres Agaves Bloody Mary Mix


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Brand Tres Agaves
We love a great margarita. But when brunching with friends on a Sunday or watching some football, we sure love a great Bloody Mary. And our Bloody Mary mix, with its bold, spicy flavors, really captures the spirit of Mexico. In fact, for as long as Tequila (and Tequila drinks) have been around, the people of Mexico have paired it with tomato juice, citrus and spices, a drink they call Sangrita. Tres Agaves Organic Bloody Mary Mix is the first to bring this Mexican-style Bloody Mary to the US. And with organic, all-natural ingredients: just tomato, citrus, peppers, lime and agave nectar. Our secret mix complements vodka yet also balances Tequila's bolder flavor profile. You may already know how to make a margarita. Now you have a great, simple recipe for the perfect Bloody Mary.

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