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Herradura Selección Suprema 750ml
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Herradura Selección Suprema

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Category Anejo
Origin Mexico, Jalisco
Brand Herradura
Alcohol/vol 40%
Proof 80.00
Incredibly complex yet impossibly smooth. Aged for an incredible 49 months in American White Oak barrels, Herradura Selección Suprema is our most premium ultra-rested tequila. Extra aging creates a tequila of an extremely rich, dark amber color with cooked agave, spice and floral notes. Exceptionally smooth and complex, Selección Surprema has a lasting, subtly-sweet aftertaste.
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  • we93

It would be easy to mistake this añejo for a Cognac: the rich, complex aroma suggests stone fruit and caramel, like an aged brandy. It's soft and rounded on the tongue, with peach and apricot, almond and hazelnut, and vanilla. Only the spicy finish-baking spice, cayenne, black pepper-gives it away as Tequila.

Kara Newman, May 1, 2017

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