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Barsol Pisco Primero
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Barsol Pisco Primero

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Category Pisco
Region Peru
Brand Barsol Pisco
Alcohol/vol 40%
BarSol Primero is the ultimate artisanal premium pisco distilled from the first pressing of 100% single-varietal Quebranta grapes. This spirit adheres to the classic pisco pot distillation method used for centuries in Peru. Crafted in small batches and estate bottled by Bodega San Isidro, BarSol Primero is distilled to bottle proof and neither water nor other ingredients are added. The result is an exceptional natural spirit of exquisite taste, clarity and smoothness. With subtle aromas of pear and ripe fruit balanced with delicate citrus notes, BarSol Pisco enhances the preparation of exotic cocktails and extends the Latin Libation cocktail trend into uncharted territory.
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The resiny aroma leads into intense, overpowering straw and hay notes on the tongue, softened by overripe tropical fruit on the finish.

June 1, 2013