Waiwera Still Water 500ml


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Waiwera, pronounced 'why-wear-ah', is an idyllic little valley in one of the most untouched places in the world, the North Island of New Zealand. More than 1500 meters beneath this wonderful spot (that's about four Empire State buildings) is a vast aquifer containing one of the most exceptional waters in the world. Indeed so exceptional that local Maori (indigenous people of New Zealand) named it 'Te Rata' (The Doctor). The aquifer is one of the most significant in the south pacific and estimated to be several miles deep. Made up predominantly of fractured greywacke (that's a type of sandstone, not a native bird) it is completely isolated from any possible inward contamination (not that there is any contamination in New Zealand, of course). What's more, the water is under such immense pressure that it actually forces its way out and rises toward the surface naturally. The therapeutic and curative properties of Waiwera Water are legendary. Since the 1840's visitors have travelled the world just to 'take the waters.' In 1863 Waiwera officially became the first 'Spa' in the Southern Hemisphere. Today, Waiwera's award winning Artesian Water is still bottled at source, with family pride, more than 130 years after it was first bottled and sold as 'the elixir of life.' Learn more about our history.
Category Water
Country New Zealand
Brand Waiwera