Nicolas Feuillatte Cuvée Palmes d'Or 2006 - Kona Wine Market
Nicolas Feuillatte Cuvée Palmes d'Or 2006
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Nicolas Feuillatte Cuvée Palmes d'Or 2006


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Appearance: Bright, clear deep gold and perfectly translucent, tinged with inviting, amber tones. Wonderfully rich, the effervescence forms a lovely stream of bubbles resembling fine pearls. Nose: Fresh, light and engaging on the nose, the Champagne reveals an understated, yet splendid floral and fruity dual character, and is extremely delicate and tenderly zingy, with aromas of herbs, dried flowers and lemon zest. Palate: Nervous, defined and expressive, the Champagne makes a clear impression on the palate. Perfectly balanced lovely acidity and low levels of sweetness. Great structure on the palate, with a fresh and harmonious finish of impressive length. Appealing zesty flavours of lemon sorbet generously coat the palate. Food and wine pairings: Aperitif: Langoustine banderillas. Starter: Oven-roasted or braised scallops. Main: Fillet of turbot or seabass served in a citrus court- bouillon, honeyed rack of veal. Dessert: Peach tart.