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Ramos Pinto Duas Quintas 2017
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Ramos Pinto Duas Quintas 2017


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Intense dark cherry color with ruby reflexes. A mature and intense vinous nose, showcasing the scent of plums and berries; when shaken the scent is transformed into complex balsamic notes. Concentrated in the mouth, with a compact structure, and silky, well-defined tannins. Its complexity offers hints of blackberries and liquorice. Duas Quintas Red 2017 is a fine example of the classic Duas Quintas style. Duas Quintas Red is a wonderful aperitif as it harmonises well with traditional Portuguese cold charcuterie such as paio and presunto, or hot roasted alheiras. It pairs beautifully with poultry dishes that are not too strong but have some fat, such as oven-roasted chicken or turkey. This red is also good with gratins, cod with cream, vegetarian lasagne or cannelloni. A great wine with grilled meat and ideal with cured ewe's milk cheese. The ideal serving temperature is 60°F to 64°F.