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Ravi Solution Instant Wine Refresher
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Ravi Solution Instant Wine Refresher


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Category Wine Chillers
Region Canada
Brand Ravi Solution
Ravi is a sleek, ergonomic, easy-to-use object drawn by well-known Québec designer Michel Dallaire. Simply place it on the neck of the wine bottle. Since not all wines are drunk at the same temperature, ravi has a valve that lets you control the flow of wine to obtain the desired temperature. Ravi is based on a revolutionary concept that will cool your wine to the ideal temperature instantly and will keep working for more than an hour after you take it out of the freezer. Ravi has to be placed in the freezer for 6 hours before you use it. Once you remove it from the freezer, assemble ravi's two components and place the device on the neck of your wine bottle.