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Wild Turkey Master's Keep 17 year old
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Wild Turkey Master's Keep 17 year old

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Category Bourbon
Region United States, Kentucky
Brand Wild Turkey
Alcohol/vol 43.3%
At 17 years-old and hand-selected by Master Distiller Eddie Russell for its perfectly balanced flavor, Master's Keep is the longest-aged whiskey released by Wild Turkey in the United States. Aged in both brick and wood rickhouses and at 86.8 proof, it starts out smooth and silky, transforms into a caramel, vanilla sweetness, and finishes with savory spiciness and oak.
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The first product released by Eddie Russell (son of Jimmy Russell) as Master Distiller is a knockout. This powerful, flavorful, limited edition whiskey starts with a rush of rich salted caramel and goes down warming and butterscotchy. The finish is exceedingly long, with toffee, chocolate, hazelnut and a faint smoky exhale. It needs nothing more than a bit of water to balance the alcohol heat. Aged 17 years.

Kara Newman, September 1, 2016