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Henri Bourgeois Sancerre d'Antan 2016
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Henri Bourgeois Sancerre d'Antan 2016



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This wine is full of aromas such as lime, verbena but also delicate mineral nuances (flint). In mouth, fresh touch of grapefruits, almonds, hawthorn and light touch of coconuts. Its minerality gives it a great lengh. Concentrated, full and fine, equally excellent when young or up to 6 - 8 years ageing. Sancerre "D'Antan" is an excellent companion to fish, shelfish and white meat. Grilled lobster, turbot in a meat sauce and spit-roasted sweetbreads with a truffle sauce: a few delicacies mat- ching perfectly this fine wine. Or tempt your guests with a vacherin cheese from Mont d'Or with dried pears!