Senior Curacao Of Curacao Blue Curacao Liqueur

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Senior Curacao Of Curacao Blue Curacao Liqueur

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Senior Curacao of Curacao is the original Curacao liqueur, and the only one made from Curacao's native Laraha orange. This aromatic fruit, descended from the Valencia orange, lends a distinctive aroma and flavor to this iconic liqueur. A critical component in countless cocktails, including the Mai Tai, Blue Curacao lends distinctive color and flavor that other orange liqueurs can't match.
Category Blue Curacao
Region Netherlands
Brand Senior Curacao Of Curacao
Alcohol/vol 31%
  • we85-89

Wine EnthusiastThe Blue seems to possess greater definition in the opening inhalations than the Orange. Palate entry is nicely citrusy and sour; at midpalate the orange taste is more pulpy and fruity than the Orange which was zesty. Finishes well in cascades of orange pulp and orange rind flavors.

November 15, 2004