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Navarro Gewürztraminer Grape Juice 750ml
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Navarro Gewürztraminer Grape Juice


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Category Juice
Region California, North Coast, Mendocino
Brand Navarro
Gewürztraminer is Navarro's flagship grape and each year our first picking of this aromatic grape is destined for our juices. Gewürztraminer's spicy aromatics make it a particularly fun grape to share with youngsters, or oldsters, or anyone who wants to avoid alcohol. It is bottled in a traditional wine bottle with a cork finish, so you can use a wine cork screw to open the bottle with a flourish. The grape juice is overtly floral with seductive tropical flavors that make it delicious drunk straight, over ice, or mixed with sparkling water. We even freeze it for "gewürz-ickles" as a treat for our own grandkids.