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B G Reynolds Zombie Punch Cocktail Mixer 750ml
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B G Reynolds Zombie Punch Cocktail Mixer



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Category Mixers
Region United States, Oregon
Brand B G Reynolds
The true origin of the tiki drink lies in this beguiling beverage. Our bottled version of the original Zombie Punch recipe. Complex, bold, and with numerous layers of flavor, this unique beverage will bend your mind to its will and have you coming back for more. Originally developed by Donn Beach in 1937, BG Reynolds stays true to the Beachcomber's original recipe using real pomegranate, lime, and a unique blend of grapefruit and cinnamon we like to call Paradise Blend. Real aromatic bitters add a hint of mystery, and blend the flavors into a truly memorable cocktail... until after the second one, that is. Pair 4 oz of our Zombie Punch with 2 oz of your favorite overproof rum to bring your palate back to life. Bartender's tip: Spare an ounce of the overproof and replace with your favorite aged rum to help mellow out the fire, but keep the kick.