Gr3en Superfood Brew Gr3en Superfood Brew 250ml Can


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250ml Can

Created in Hawaii, this is the #1 Functional Organic Superfood Brew. Pure. Organic. Power. - Supercharge with superfoods, GR3EN gives a clean boost when you first wake up, before you exercise, or when you hit the wall at work. You can use it in your Breakfast smoothies instead of juice or milk substitutes, and even mixed with your favorite alcohol. It's refreshing and versatile, try it out and see! Take GR3EN for a test drive and and experience the Hype! GR3EN is Pure. Organic. Power. Our philosophy is simple: supercharge with superfoods. Powered by green tea, coconut water, and kale, GR3EN gives a clean energy boost you can feel. It's the perfect pick-me-up when you first wake up, need a lift, hit the gym, or hit the wall at work. GR3EN has the caffeine equivalent of a cup of coffee, but combines the health benefits of coconut water, green tea and kale juice in one can.
Category Energy Drink
Country United States
Region Hawaii
Brand Gr3en Superfood Brew