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Tillen Farms Hot And Spicy Crispy Beans
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Tillen Farms Hot And Spicy Crispy Beans


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Category Beans
Region United States
Brand Tillen Farms
One of our original two varieties and a bestseller since 1984, Tillen Farms Hot 'N Spicy Beans are harvested during a brief period in mid-summer. We select only the straightest beans since most beans tend to be long and gnarled. In fact, we only use about 25%(!) of what comes in and we recycle the balance. Our select beans are cleaned, trimmed at both ends, blanched and carefully hand packed so there is no breakage. Possessing the greatest amount of heat, these are widely revered and enjoyed as the world's greatest swizzle sticks for Bloody Mary's, the same as are used by leading white table cloth restaurants and clubs across the country! For best results, refrigerate before serving. All Natural * Fat-Free * Cholesterol-Free * Low Calorie * Gluten-Free * Kosher Certified * Vegan * Made in Nut and Tree Nut Free Facility