Clos de Trias Ventoux 2010

Clos de Trias Ventoux 2010

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Our “Flagship” so to speak. The Red Label represents 80% to 95% of our total production each year. It is the wine that most clearly speaks of our global terroir.

Again, “old-fashion” techniques are applied. Ripeness is determined by flavor (I often neglect getting the analysis done before the grapes have been picked!). The grapes (from nearly all our 40+ parcels) are hand-pick in the morning coolness only, transported back to the winery where they (the grapes) and hand sorted.The sorting table leads to the destemmer, which is not always utilized, and after the grapes fall directly into the fermentation tank. There they find no added yeasts, no enzymes, little or no SO2, and no temperature control. The “cold-soak” or lag is usually 2 to 5 days before the native yeasts kick in. Maceration (time on skins) depends on each individual tank and can be as little are 9 days and as many as 50! I taste thru my fermentation tanks at least 5 times a day and make my decisions on pump-overs, drain & returns, and total maceration based solely on those frequent tastings.

Aging is mostly (65%) in tank with some aerative rackings in the first year. 35% ages for a while in 600 and 700L barrels (the normal barrel is 225L).

Wine is a beverage...duh! So, for me, it needs to be balanced, elegant, and refreshing. In other words, easy to drink. A “perfect” balance between the fruit, acid, and tannins.

Category Red Wine
Region France, Rhone, Cotes du Ventoux
Brand Clos de Trias