Tillen Farms Crispy Pickled Asparagus 12oz

Tillen Farms Crispy Pickled Asparagus 12oz

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One of Tillen Farms' two original products that we introduced in 1984, this has been a bestseller from the beginning. Tillen Farms Asparagus are grown and harvested during a short 6-8 week period in late spring. Because of our fanatical commitment to quality, the local farmers offer us their best products. Within hours of picking, these beauties have been sorted, cleaned, trimmed, blanched and then carefully hand packed in a mild pickle brine with a garlic clove to round out the flavor. The crispness is unique and the taste is exceptional. It's no surprise that Asparagus is our joint # 1 selling variety (tied for #1 with our Hot and Spicy Beans.) For best results, refrigerate before serving
Category Gourmet Foods
Region United States, Washington
Brand Tillen Farms