Madre Chocolate Coconut Milk & Caramelized Ginger Dark Chocolate Bar 750ml


SKU 738435768201


55% Dark Chocolate, vegan, soy-free. For milk chocolate lovers but still super healthy, vegan, & luscious. Made with coconut milk and organic Hawaiian ginger caramelized to a delectable chewiness in an utterly smooth and creamy bar. After scouring first the world for a good coconut milk, and then in Hawai'i for this surprisingly hard to find rich, tropical nut, we finally decided to make our own from hand harvested coconuts from Maui & the Big Island. This is a truly local bar that we designed for our fans that are milk chocolate lovers, but since we released it, all the dark chocolate lovers have been flocking to it as well.
Category Dark Chocolate
Country United States
Region Hawaii
Brand Madre Chocolate