Our most affordable Riesling

Everyone loves a good, crisp, and refreshing Riesling. The Riesling grape first originated in Germany in the region of Rhine. The grape is typically very aromatic with high acidity, making it a number one choice on a warm afternoon. 

After reading our last post on Sauvignon Blanc, I believe a good Riesling is a good follow up wine to try. The wines are very similar in that they are very versatile and easy to pair with. Very forgiving.

Our most affordable Riesling, if you are just getting into the wine scene, comes from Germany and its by Dr. Beckermann. Dr. Beckermann Liebfraumilch Riesling 2012 is the perfect wine for these warm summer days. Flavors of apple, almonds, and floral on the nose, finished by honey, maple and melon on the palate. 

Riesling loves food dishes that are spicy.  It goes great with Asian and Indian dishes, along with duck, shrimp and crab. Our local sommelier, Nicole Premo, loves pairing it with sushi and pickled ginger. 

Grab a bottle today, either in store or online, you wont be disappointed! 


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