Wine of the Week. July 10, 2017


Chardonnay is one of my go to grape varietals. Chardonnay tastes like Chardonnay to most people, but connoisseurs know that the grape, like any other, varies significantly based on where it’s grown and produced. It pairs well, it’s refreshing, and if done right can be extremely memorable. I love wines with a good story behind them. I want my wine to represent the hard-working people who put it on the store shelf. How did they come up with the name? How long have they been in business? Are they good people? 


PlumpJack winery, located in Northern California began their journey by naming their company after one of Shakespeare’s most memorable characters. Sir John “PlumpJack” Falstaff. A fun-loving, down to earth man, rivaled only by his fierce loyalty to Prince Henry V, “with whom he shares more than a few goblets of sack (wine) at the local tavern. With this philosophy in mind and an opportunity to create their own winery, they then acquired a century-old 42-acre vineyard in the Napa Valley." (PlumpJack Winery )

PlumpJack strides to make their wines a reflection of their unique terroir. The winemaker’s passion and commitment consistently express the distinct qualities of the Oakville appellation.

The estate lies on a rocky, volcanic nutrient rich soil with excellent water drainage, which causes more stress to the vines, creating more aromatic and darker fruits.

This brings me to their 2012 Chardonnay Reserve. The wine is fresh with aromas of sweet apples, cinnamon and figs. The taste is full of amazing citrus, apples, bananas, and a hint of floral.

Chardonnay loves to be paired with soft cheeses, fish, and lighter vegetables. Try pairing this one with an herb crusted fish, like halibut.

This wine is available online and in-store for $75, or trying buying it is a mixed case to bring the cost down a touch.

As always Drink Global, Buy Local.


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