Wine of the Week. June 26, 2017

Let us introduce to you a new series, our "Wine of the Week" blog will have everything you're looking for to try a new wine. From recipes to pairing ideas, we've got you covered.

Special guest host and sommelier, Nikki Premo, will guide you through our store and feature a new wine every Monday.

To kick us off, let's start with a light-bodied Chenin Blanc from Santa Maria Valley, California. A three-acre vineyard that was planted over forty years ago.

Known as the “Foxen Boys,” owners Bill and Dick have been making their wine together since 1985 when they founded the vineyard in Northern Santa Barbara County. Foxen Winery focuses on small production, sustainably-farmed wines using a “minimalist” approach to winemaking, with a newly redesigned solar powered tasting room.

“The winery was named in memory of William Benjamin Foxen, an English sea captain, and Dick’s great-great grandfather, who came to Santa Barbara in the early 1800’s.”

From Chardonnays, to dessert wines and everything in between, Foxen wines are among the most anticipated wines in California. Their 2014 Old Vine Chenin Blanc is this week's Wine of the Week. Nikki paired it with a cheese platter at home, “I was really surprised how fresh, and crisp this wine was. It’s bright, with citrus and ripe melon. Truly a great wine to enjoy after a long weekend. Made with 100% Chenin Blanc, grown in sandy soils; it was extremely versatile.”

Food Pairing: pair with a semi-firm cow’s milk cheese, such as gruyere or even a light brie.

All our wines, including this one is available in-store and online:

Foxen Ernesto Wickenden Old Vine Chenin Blanc

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