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Wine Pairing Fun Dinner Party

Aloha all at Kona Wine Market...

Just wanted to let you know that your assistance with my menu & wine pairing was a huge success! My friends...& owners of Kalaekilohana B&B- http://www.kau-hawaii.com/ were literally "freaking out" about the food & wine pairing of the evening.

My appetizers of Crostini with Hamakua Mushrooms, roasted butternut squash, herbs & Brillat-Savarin Cheese...paired with the Honig 2009 Sauvignon Blanc was incredibly luscious. We all loved the visualization of the sustainable farm practices....with the dry, crisp pineapple flavors of the wine. The cheese was the perfect match....slightly tart on the palette. The wine not only matched the flavorful crostini, but enhanced & complimented it perfectly.

Honig Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2010
WA 88

Aromas of orange blossom and grapefruit are accompanied by lemon, melon, peach, and nectarine flavors that are ripe, juicy and refreshing. Medium bodied, with a crisp, refreshing, slightly minerally finish. more



in mixed case $18.40


The Honig also went well with round two appetizer.....crispy Lemon, leek & Bay risotto fritters filled with melted smoked Mozarella cheese. It's crisp, fresh flavors & nose enhanced the fact that this appetizer was deep fried. The freshness danced so smoothly with the fritters.....just beautiful!

My salad of julienned raw carrots & zucchini with a lime/ginger/mint dressing was the perfect "intermission" & palette cleanser....a prelude to the creamy richness that was the next course..... We actually opened our Triennes Viognier 2009 for this course.....
letting it breathe & come to a more of a perfectly, slightly chilled temperature.

Domaine de Triennes Sainte Fleur Viognier 2009

Sainte Fleur is explosive on the nose with apricot, honeysuckle and honey aromas. It has great power and intensity, combined with a beautiful balance between richness, acidity and minerality. more



in mixed case $20.24


The main course...a cream based shrimp fettuccine with a light touch of tomato...lots of fresh basil & herbs....wrapped in a thin dough & baked in the oven....was so incredible with the Viognier. The higher alcohol content really balanced the heavy cream sauce....& the dryness really balanced the cream. The layered pineapple fruit completely melded with the herbal fragrance of the pasta....it was like land & sea......in unison.....The pasta tasted like the sea....the wine brought the love of the land.....the passion of the grape farmer...full of love & sacrifice.

I chose a beautiful mix of Portuguese Fado music for our soundtrack. I am obsessed with Mariza! All three of us were transported to a little villiage in Portugal...surrounded by rows of grapes....in the heat of summer......the sound of cicadas chirping....it was a hot, dry day in Ka'u....a perfect environment....for this celebration of abundance & quality.

The dessert was an organic whole milk ricotta cheese.....with incredible berries from Costco. They have incredible berries right now! I picked through them to select the most ripe....almost falling apart blackberries, blueberries & raspberries. I drizzled them with our local Christmas Berry Honey, & a little Cointreau. The ricotta...last minute....I mixed them with Hawaiian Vanilla bean & a pinch of salt. I marinated the berries ahead of time so that they were able to break down a bit....marinating in their own luscious juices. I served this with Howard's recommendation.....the Mad Cuvee. It was incredible. The ricotta was slightly salty....the berries...incredibly flavorful...like eating the peak of summer....as if you had harvested them yourself under the summer sun.

Royal Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos 2006
WS 94

A clear golden amber colour. At first, botrytis, apricot, orange peel and honey hit the nose, followed more explicitly by the fig, with wood and smoky notes flashing up, and both orange peel and honey ... more



in mixed case $50.60


The wine...slightly sweet...but dry at the same time.....just enhanced the dessert. My guests were brought to tears with the pairing....we were a little toasted at that point....but emotionally "open" would be a better description. We all shared our appreciation of each other....& our commitment to quality in our work......

I could not have asked for better guests....& I could not have asked for better food/wine pairing wisdom. I am in your debt Howard.....a truly memorable meal....appreciated to the fullest..........life is good!

If I die tomorrow....this meal will replay in my mind as a beautiful memory...and proof that the following is true..."Art offers relief from the mundanity of everyday life!" Art is anything that we are passionate about & anything that demands quality over conventional business sense. We are blessed! Your wines were the catalyst of inspiration & manifestation of three people.....coming together....& appreciating each other as family....for the talents we all offer to this planet & to humanity....

Mahalo & Aloha in the deepest sense of the word......
A hui hou....until the next meal.....

jamie gilmore

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